Donnie is sent to the past to keep his mother Pharos from becoming this villain who then unleashes evil minions from other worlds on their own. Along with him is sent his sister Aleigra who is being trained to be a great warrior but still has much to learn, their cocky and spiteful middle brother who is part vigolanty and all mouth. Mockingbird a hero among Champions. Samson a cursed Champion with a mysterious past, and Relic child prodigy of the last Cromomancer.
Donnie is brought to the Vanguardian stronghold where his team is assembled to go back in time. However they are attacked before the last member is brought in; BlackLight and The Emerald Knight two of the last remaining members of the Guardians of Freedom help them escape and find Relic the last of their team members. However Blacklight is mortally wounded in the process. They meet and convince Relic to join them however as she accepts a super villain named Mindwipe and his Renegade Cromomancers show up with The Lord of Time a former time traveler and thief whom the Guardians of Freedom helped defeat. A fight ensues and during the fight Relic’s mother’s ashes become scattered and Donnie activates the time device; as he does the ashes come to life and take the form of a woman who attacks both the heroes and their advisaries .
As a result the heroes are separated and thrown haphazardly into the past. However Donnie is still determined on following through with the plan.
The other half of the team is found on the Island of Andeluslia in the past somehow, time travel into the past of the Andelusian island is suppose to be impossible. The Emerald Knight guides those with him on the island to the court of the Vanguardians and their superhero retinue. But warns them of the danger of telling anyone what they are truly there for.Telling them of the corruption and the politics that has engulfed some of the courts of The Andelusians especially among the order of the knights where he is in disfavor. Meanwhile Donnie quests to find the Blacklight of the past who said he would help them if they gave the past Blacklight something from the future Blacklight.


Back story: Champions serve as the protectors of humanity most from their ancestral Island of Andelusia, A mythical island at least to most of humanity because no non champion has entered it. It exists outside the normal flow of time so it doesn’t in truth exist to non- Champions but that is another story. For two centuries the Champions of Andelusia and those of The United States have been at odds with each other. Neither would acknowledge each othe. However both sides realizing that times were getting darker decided to bridge the gap through an exchange of teams one of these teams was the Guardians of Freedom made up of members of both Andelusians and North Americans.
For many years this team stood out as a group who was able to bridge the gap between east and west, however that was soon to change. During a daring mission many members of the Guardians of Freedom were killed. While this brought grief to the vetrian Guardians it brought about a catalyst that destroyed them. Little did any of them know that one of their surviving members of this mission had been programmed to betray them. Worse than that she had been programmed even before that should a life trying trama occur a new program would occur. While she was a child Pharos was given a pedant with a rapport to another world in which a Cronomancer criminal was able to latch on to her.
This was misdiagnosed as mental illness which was in fact this beings will trying to take over Pharos’s will. When mind wipe entered her mind he broke her will and the prisoner Falacy took over Pharos who was already twisted from the torture. Pharos completed the programming attacking her former teammates and soon after while society rebelled against the heroes they no longer trusted Falacy began opening portals to other worlds in order to over throw the world. Her first mission was to destroy The last Cronomancers she was able with the decay of morality in this world to corrupt three such individuals who helped her kill the others.
In the end the world was left in a smoldering ruin and the last few champions who weren’t either killed or turned to their side held up on thieir island of Andelusia along with the last remant of human being they were able to save; who now hated them for failing them and most having lost their homes, families and lives were looking for someone to blame.

The heroes who were not from Andelusia were not invited into the natives Fortress but were left to what ever they could build. Due to persecution they gathered together in what became the slums of cities they were treated as lepers by the regular population at large and are even attacked by some if they are caught alone.

Book one : Jouney To The Past

Synopsis part I

The Champions of Andelusia are  a group of individuals whose deeds and powers are  above those of other normal individuals. Their powers and abilities were connected to an ancient religion of a king priest without birth or linage to whom they served. They were the guardians and protectors of humanity for over two-thousand years, with them are a  remnant of a much larger and older group of knights who like them served this mysterious “King “ from ancient times considered now to be no more than a myth by the world at large.

The world has fallen into ruin, destroyed by renegade Champions who have enslaved the human population. Most Champions were killed or joined the renegade cause out of fear, desperation, or utter disillusionment. Now at the end of an era the few remaining Champions struggle to survive on their hidden island outside their desolate world.


Synopsis part II

The Prodigy of a Champion travel back in time to save their father from one of his own teammates turned Renegade. The hunt turns deadly as they IronGhost and his companions discover they are being hunted by Renegade Cronomancers former heroes who were sworn to guard time from marauders who would disrupt the time stream. In the midst of this Donnie a.k.a. Iron Ghost must come to grips with the darkness of his father’s team’s past and whether he will follow the fate of his father.


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